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Building Synpase with Cloud

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  • Building Synpase with Cloud

    Hi, need some advice here. I built my hardware with sm200p81 and works well with portal. I would want to move to push the data to a cloud service.

    Which cloud service would be good? I read Exosite is working with synapse, but is there a way i could use my PC(windows) to push data to the cloud service?

    Thanks in advance

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    This is sort of posted in the wrong section, but I will give a quick response.

    Synapse is "cloud agnostic", but we have provided examples (in varying details of detail) for Exosite, AWS, and ThingWorx (you will have to do a search, I don't have links handy).

    Basically you can work with any "cloud" that you can access from Python.

    The SNAP Connect library gives you the "things" side of your application, your Python application code handles the "talking to the cloud" part.