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Drive Portal with a Macro Scripting language.

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  • Drive Portal with a Macro Scripting language.

    Lots of Portal functionally would be nice to use as a stand alone feature.

    Script test, Find Node, Firmware Upgrade....etc
    But implementing it tied to command line parameters or some COM/DLL approach would make restrictive or non-portable.

    Have you every considered implement a macro language to drive the whole interface?

    Reference: Lauterbach Trace32 Emulator/JTAG interface. Whole GUI interface is driven by a macro language. and it prints the commands at the command prompt as you use them so you can actually "learn" how to use it by simply clicking on the pre-configur'ed icons and toolbar's supplied.

    It is ugly as heck, but its stability is unequaled because they can drive it for testing purposes without having to resort to Mock/Scraper..etc for simulated user input/output.

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    Along the same lines, I was wanting some tools to automate production, such as a one-button firmware/script upload. Example: Microchip Pickit3 and their "Programmer to go" mode. An API that would allow us to automate firmware upgrades and script upload would be immensely useful vs having to program hundreds or thousands of units per day through the portal itself.

    Command-line parameters would be one very easy way to implement this.

    simplified example:
    portal /port=com1 /firmware="firmware.sfi"
    portal /port=com1 /script=""
    goto start


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      acoakley, Plexus Controls have developed a snap connect enabled graphic network manager that handles multiple load upgrades, along with many other GUI based functions including auto discovery, element NV configuration, element NV backup, data processing and histograms.


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        While I have never used it with Portal, I have successfully used a free package called "Sikuli" to automate other "GUI-only" tools.

        To the folks seeking a command-line alternative, I recommend a search for "SNAP Tool Belt".