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  • Network connection Portal to e10

    I can connect to my e10 using WinSCP though port 22. I can get to it from either side of my internet gateway. I configured my gateway router to also forward port 48625, and with the example running on my e10, achieved portal connection to the e10's SNAPconnect from both sides of the gateway.

    BUT the connection - Portal to e10's SNAPconnect - seems to have quickly become unstable. On a reconnection attempt from the internet side of the gateway I failed with a timeout error, so I moved my instance of Portal back to LAN side (figuring I'd learn if the router was the problem) and achieved unstable connection. I.e. Portal connects to the e10 via it's LAN IP address, lets me ping nodes via the e10's SNAP engine (I've started com2 on, but then drops connection within maybe 30s.

    Meanwhile WinSCP seems perfectly happy. Where do I look? Can I test to rule-out router problem or conversely snapconnect problem?

    The router is connected wifi to this pc, cable to the e10, (except when I test from internet side of the gateway - then router with port forwarding 22 and 48625 by cable to e10 only, pc gets phone's data.)


    I have just ran the Remote TCP Access sample from page 7 of the SNAPConnect manual on my pc rather than e10. I connected Portal to it locally via , and it too dropped out after less than a minute.
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    I think I'm cured, even if I don't much understand the illness or when I caught it. The pox was in nvparams.dat - I renamed the file so as to hide it from snapconnect. Note open_serial had stopped working until nvparams renewed itself too.

    I found some clues about nvparams on page 31 of SNAP Connect E10 Users Guide.