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E10 version 1.1 release

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  • E10 version 1.1 release

    Here is a link to the files and documentation for the release candidate E10 1.1 firmware update. It is currently being ECO’d into new manufacturing builds and will start appearing in product around Q3 2014. Synapse will be supporting it as an official release version of software. Details of changes and improvements can be found in the release notes.

    Manual only:

    Manual, Release Notes,, and
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    To Greg and everyone else at Synapse Wireless,

    Thank you for this release. I have installed it on my E10s. I have not had issues within the past couple of day. I understand I am not the typical E10 user and wish you would have added a couple more utilities. However that does not take away from the updates and extra utils you have added. Thank you very much!!!!!
    It is nice to see the added wireless and cell modem support and details for various carriers.

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      Thanks for the feedback JC. Your input is valued.

      What other utilities where you interested in?


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        To Others reading this thread:

        E10 OS 1.1 Fixes man of the reasons I had to build my own build. As an end user, Thank you Synapse Wireless for doing the following:
        • Enable Kernel modules to support USB Wifi
        • Enable Kernel modules and PPP to support USB Cell Modems
          • Thanks for also providing example configs

        • Updating U-Boot to support extra commands and make upgrades easier
        • I don't know if the hwclock is fixed, but the workaround is easy enough to sync with NTP one time.
        • Thank you for using real OpenSSH instead of dropbear
        • screen is invaluable for opening serial connection and disconnecting/reconnecting to terminals
        • Thank you for expanding the rootfs to use the unused portions of flash
        • Thank you for including BridgeFlash to reset, erase, and program the internal RF Engine in the E10. This alone is HUGE!!!
        • Thank you for python 2.7

        There are a couple of improvements that I have contacted Synapse Wireless privately to discuss. Even if they do not implement them, this new OS 1.1 is a huge leap forward.

        On a personal note, If you use one of my customized builds, please upgrade to this release. I no longer have time to support custom builds that I have done.



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          Does Synapse have any plans to release the build environment that produced the new E10 firmware? I need to compile some binary packages that aren't included (in particular, hostapd and the other tools needed to run a USB WiFi dongle in AP mode), which I would formerly have done via the buildroot environment provided by jcwoltz.


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            I have put the question to our Product Marketing Manager, but I'm guessing that may have to wait for the E20 which will have a full Linux Distro instead of BusyBox.


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              I just installed v1.1 via this recovery tool, and was able to make a full recovery. What's the login name and password for the first-time login on the E10 running v1.1?

              *** EDITED *** Wow, I must be blind. I see it in the docs now. "snap" for a U/N with no P/W. Thanks!

              Thanks for this, by the way. This is a lot cleaner than the other recovery methods. Thanks, especially, for the updated documentation on recovery. This is easier to follow and left me with fewer questions that the last revision.

              FYI - I got stuck at stage three and needed to repeat that portion of the install a few times. Not sure what that means, but I thought you might want to know.
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                page 15 of the 1.1 manual for the E10 says this ......

                E10s ship from Synapse with a default username of snap, and with no password. You should immediately change your E10 password on
                first access, using the Linux passwd command. Below is a sample terminal session in which the password is changed.
                Does that not work?


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                  Yup - worked. Sorry for missing that in the manual.
                  (And I've changed it already.)



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                    Do I need to update the SNAP Engine firmware as well? It is an older engine (RFET) and Portal says that it is 2.4.19.


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                      There is a firmware uploader in the new E10 v1.1 and should solve your problem. FlashBridge.pyc I believe. Don't have the new manual handy. Sorry..

                      Or as always you can dissemble the E10 and remove the RF100 and place it in a prototype board and do a direct connection and update the firmware that way also.


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                        Yes, the FlashBridge.pyc script is there, but not the .sfi file that I should be using to update the firmware. I've been looking for that file for a while today - do you know where I can find it?

                        What's the latest firmware version for this engine?


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                          Portal comes with firmware for all the supported RF Engines. Portal is v 2.4.36 for Windows and can be download for the support Forum.


                          The path on your Window's PC will be something like
                          C:\Program Files (x86)\Portal\firmware

                          The latest version of Firmware


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                            Thank you! Uploaded, bonked the NV inside the RF engine, and I'm back up and running again.


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                              Originally posted by RPS View Post
                              I have put the question to our Product Marketing Manager, but I'm guessing that may have to wait for the E20 which will have a full Linux Distro instead of BusyBox.
                              Any further word on the release of the v1.1 build environment?

                              Let me remind you that since this is clearly based on GPL code, refusal to release the source code and build scripts is not one of your legal options.