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Keeping Time and Date Locally on RF220

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  • Keeping Time and Date Locally on RF220

    I am trying to keep up with the time and date on the RF220, but I have run into some issues. The first issue I have is, I would like the clock to read like military time(hours 0 to 23) instead of the 24 hour format.(hours 1 to 24) The second issue I have ran into is, when the month is incremented, the days are not reset. For example, when the date is 4/30/18 when the clock hits 24:00:00 the date is changed to 5/30/18. I found this code in the forums quite some time ago, and I am unable to find the original post. I am unfortunately unfamiliar with many of the techniques utilized in this code, so I am seeking help to debug it. I tried editing it a few times, but I was always making reverse progress. I am also open to new ideas for keeping time if anyone else has a better solution. If you know the origin of this code or can explain any aspects of it, I'd greatly appreciate any information!

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    I apologize for posting too eagerly; I promise that I usually work on the issues for long amounts of time before I post. For some reason when I decide to post in the forums, I somehow manage to magically figure it out soon after. I have attached the updated code for anyone who may need it!
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