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Migrating form CP2102-GM to CP2102N

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  • Migrating form CP2102-GM to CP2102N

    As part of our upgrade I am trying to migrate from a Silicon Labs CP2102-GM USB bridge to a CP2102N chip. I am working in Windows 10 using Portal 2.8.3.
    The CP2102-GM has worked for years as a USB bridge when setup in Portal using the "root.setupSynapseUsb()" commend. When the CP2102N is first connected to Portal it appears as a VCP and works as expected. However I cannot reprogram the CP2102N using the "setupSynapseUsb" command, and receive a "connection closed", "Unable to program USB device" errors in the Event Log. I thought there may be a new or alternative way to program the CP2102N chip to work as a USB not as a VCP in Portal.

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    I can confirm that the CP2102N doesn't quite work with Synapse's software, despite the claim of backward compatibility. I wrote to SiLabs support about a year ago, and they had no idea why the new chip wouldn't work exactly the same - but they also said that there were no plans to discontinue the original CP2102, so I went with that rather than trying to troubleshoot the compatibility problem any further. I see that they are still fully available at Digi-Key and Mouser.


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      Thank you jasonharper for you reply. I was interested in taking advantage of the USB 2.0 speed of the CP2102N. Is there a USB 2.0 chip that does work with the Synapse's software?


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        A bridge normally runs at 38400 baud; it's possible to change that in certain scenarios, but it's never going to be fast enough to benefit from a USB 2.0 connection.

        I'm not aware of any other chip that will give as good of a user experience as the CP2102. If you're willing to run in VCP mode (which introduces the need to deal with varying COM port numbers), pretty much any USB-serial chip would work.


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          Thanks again for your help.