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  • Power amplifier

    Hi, I read the SNAP reference manual on Power Amplifier.

    Currently, i am using SM220 as my remote node and using an E10 with RF100 as a gateway. I realized i lose connection at about 100m LOS.
    My SM220 has been set with saveNVparam(64,1) using UFL antenna.

    I would wish to ask:
    - If i want to activate the PA, am i correct to write: saveNVparam(11,1) ?
    - Do i need to activate PA for the RF100 in the gateway to have further range?
    - How do you check on the power of the connection?

    Thank you


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    If the RF module has a PA it will already be enabled unless you have a E10 that is designated as world wide which will have a lower TX power setting but the PA will still be on. Attached is a script that you can incorporate to change the antenna option on the SM220


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      Hi gvoc,

      Thanks for the reply. Is it default that PA will be enabled?

      If i wish to use the UFL, is it correct to code: saveNVparam(64,1)

      Because from the

      It is: saveNvParam(64,a), where a = 16 or binary 00010000

      Will the UFL be enable with "1" or "a"?

      Is there any additional setting that i will need for both Sm220 and RF100?

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