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266, readAdc, and ref voltage

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  • 266, readAdc, and ref voltage

    I am using a 266 module in a sensor project.

    I am used to the arduino where the reference voltage for the adc inputs is the same as the board itself (both 5v)

    With the 266, it looks like the adc ref voltage is 1.8v. I am using a 5v input stepped down to 3.3v using a voltage regulator. I wanted to supply my analog sensors with the same 3.3v that I am using to power the rf module.

    Any suggestions?

    Is there a way to change the ref voltage to 3.3v?


    [I also suggest adding some tables to the snap reference manual on readadc ref voltage -- I couldn't find it and ended up measuring myself]

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    You could use a simple voltage divider circuit to scale the 3.3V down below the 1.8 Vref of the ADC. Unfortunately, you cannot configure this to be 3.3V (Side Note: the RF100 uses Vcc as Vref)
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