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Portal for linux update?

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  • Portal for linux update?

    When can we expect an updated release of portal for a later version of linux? 12.04 is very old.

    A new version that works with the next 14.04 LTS (multiarch)?

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    No time soon ............. at present there is no planned new release of Portal for Linux


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      would it be possible to get an update on a Linux build? I'm not able to get anything working on a 64-bit Ubuntu 15.10 system.

      If it's not possible to support the platform would it be possible to open-source your existing code so we can self support it?


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        There is no upgrade for the Linux build at this time, there has been talk about maybe an update in 2016 but no promises.

        Open source is not an option either.


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          any update?


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            What features of Portal do you need to have for Linux? While we have not updated the Linux or Mac versions of Portal in some time, we do now offer a command line set of tools that perform many of the functions of Portal and a few extra are available.

            If all you need is to be able to compile your scripts into spy files for upload to remote nodes and perform some routine node info queries, etc. then you can use our SNAP build and SNAPtoolbelt programs on your Linux distro. There are still some driver items for bridge nodes that require you to have your bridge in VCP mode or use one of the other devices that use the FTDI chipset for the USB to serial.

            You can find more information on the SNAPbuild and SNAPtoolbelt here.