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  • Synapse Wireless EAGLE Library

    I've created an EAGLE library for Synapse Wireless. In it you'll find the SM220 and RFxxx module footprints. Feel free to improve on what's there as well as add devices to the library.

    EDIT - On the SM220 footprint you'll notice that not all of the pads are present. I eliminated all of the "NC" and "Test Point" pads to make trace routing a bit easier.

    UPDATE 3/3/2017 - CLKI pin on SM220 has been permanently appended to GND. As these modules use an on board external 16MHz crystal, I really didn't see the need to drive the oscillator from an external source (CLKI is a convenience feature typically used when you have two processors and one is external crystal driven, you can drive CLKI on the 2nd processor from the host to avoid having to have two crystal circuits). Plus, use of the CLKI pin would require the user to rewrite the lfuse bits to 0xE0, which would require that they break out the hardware SPI pins and have an Atmel programmer.
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    Thanks Jon


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      Thanks much for the file, I've done something similar with removing the NC pads. Comparing yours and mine, I notice these changes:
      ** Never mind, you're using the SM220, I'm using the SM200; there are some differences!

      * B5 is a GPIO pin (snappy GPIO_33) missing on your board
      * C8 is a power supply pin attached to GND, and missing on your board
      * H6 pad is missing, according to data sheet this needs to be pulled low for proper operation (would love to attach to GND, but not sure that is allowed).
      * G1 pad you mention you connected to GND, but data sheet indicates it needs to be pulled low. Those are not exactly the same thing! Synapse, please weigh in here!
      Last edited by RonnieW; 11-29-2017, 10:21 AM. Reason: Replied too quickly, originally I was comparing Jon's SM220 layout to my SM200 layout, which are not entirely pin compatible, as it turns out!